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1 incl. up to 1 users
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Micro Startup
per month
1-3 incl. up to 3 users
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Small Small business
per month
4-10 incl. up to 10 users
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Medium Medium business
per month
11-20 incl. up to 20 users
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Premium Optima
per month
21-40 incl. up to 40 users
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Large Corporate
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41-100 incl. up to 100 users
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XL Enterprise
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101+ includes unlimited number of users
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* The cost depends on the lines, i.e. the number of maximum possible simultaneous calls.
Daily the system dedcuts sum from your account, depending on the number of lines that you choose.
Each tariff includes all the functionality below.

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These features are available for all pricing plans

Free call widget on website The special code you need to put into your site
Unlimited minutes All calls absolutely FREE!
Number of agents Based on the selected pricing plan
Unlimited domains You can install the widget on any number of websites
Mobile app for Andoird and iOS Ability to place and receive calls via YayFon mobile application
Web app Ability to place and receive calls via web browser
Call quality scale Shows sound quality based on data speed
Editing the color of the widget Adjusting any avaiable color for the widget
Eiditng the position of the widget on the site You can post a widget on the top, bottom, right or left of the website
Editing the text on the widget button A text that calls for action by users on the site. By default, the system defines the text "CALL US FREE"
Resizing the widget (coming soon) Adjusting any size for widget
Foward YayFon calls to phone number You can easily foward all your YayFon calls receiving from browser to your phone number. And you will not miss any important calls
Virtual Call Center Create your virtual PBX in a minute and get access to effective communication tools for successful business
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Efficient distribution of incoming calls
Calls fowarding (coming soon) Forwarding incoming calls to landlines, GSM and YayFon numbers
Call queueing (coming soon) Helps route calls to a queue when many incoming calls arrive simultaneously
Greetings in several languages Easily create any audio for greetings
Working hours Select the time and days of the week for redirecting calls to specified numbers, agent or voice mail
Voicemail: Shared and personalised for each agent (coming soon) Setting up voice mail for business, as well as personal mailboxes for each agent
Call recording, saving and playing You can listen or download it in your account
Keypad for the number dialing Allows for additional connections within the system
Extensions You can assign internal numbers to your employees and use YayFon as tool for internal communication
Missed calls tracking You will be able to see and track all missed calls and understand the reasons they occurred
Video calls (coming soon) Individual and group video calls
Internal communications With YayFon you can place and receive calls between your company staff members. You don't need to use expensive GSM or landlines
International and local phone numbers (per second billing) Get a local phone number in more than 80 countries
Calling to mobile and landline numbers (coming soon) You can make calls to any numbers worldwide. The price varies for each country
Call History All received and made calls are available to search by date and time
Unlimited simultaneous calls You can receive unlimited simultaneous calls you need. It is only limited to the amount of agents you have
Call Groups You can group your calls based on team or department to enable your customers to reach the right team and the right people
Call Filters Adjust the times and days when you are available for calls. When you are not available you can set your voice greetings
Call Transfer (coming soon) You can transfer the received call to someone else in your team
Agent Groups (coming soon) Create teams of agents and add agents to groups
Permission levels You can restrict some users and giving the permission level to the system
Desktop notifications Get notified on your PC when a calls comes in
Easy setup YayFon has easy to understand interface, so you dont need to have specialist to run our service. With YayFon adding and removing users is simple
Toll-free numbers YayFon provides toll-free and local numbers for both inbound and outbound calls
Blacklist numbers Block spam callers and bots
Conference Call Organize a conference call
Call Statistics Detailed information about received and missed calls and the duration of each call
Analytics Detailed reports and analysis of the work of the call center
Data exporting (coming soon) Export data in pdf or Excel foemats
Calls map by country Detailed information about received and missed calls by country
Integration with call center Call forwarding from your browser to your Call Center or another PBX system
Integration with major services (coming soon) Integration with different CRM and CMS systems. List of available systems is updated on the site
SIP Support Set up call forwarding via IP directly to your PBX or Call Center
Facebook integration Install the widget on your company Facebook page and let your customers to call you free from Facebook
Instagram integration Install the widget on your company Instegram page and let your customers call you for free
SDK for iOS and Android Add audio, video and messages functions into your mobile applications (iOS and Android)
API (coming soon) Allows you to quickly and easily integrate YayFon functionality into any web system
Encrypted Calls Data exchange uses strong encryption
Scalability Scalability of any number of connections and data transfer
Servers We have servers in US and Europe
Technical support - by email Apply for all pricing plan
Technical support - by phone (except LIGHT) Apply for all pricing plan
Dedicated account manager Apply for Large and XL pricing plans
Dedicated specialist for system integration Apply for Large and XL pricing plans

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